From Iceland — Cuddling Cats, Preparing Pancakes and Whittling Wood: Margrét Rán's Perfect Day

Cuddling Cats, Preparing Pancakes and Whittling Wood: Margrét Rán’s Perfect Day

Published March 15, 2021

Cuddling Cats, Preparing Pancakes and Whittling Wood: Margrét Rán’s Perfect Day

Margrét Rán Magnúsdóttir is most often found fronting Vök, Iceland’s premier purveyors of lucid-dream pop, but she also makes music for films. Margrét Rán’s beautiful, visceral soundscapes underpin A Song Called Hate, the powerful Hatari-Eurovision documentary which recently got its cinematic release. Here’s how Margrét Rán would spend a perfect day in Reykjavík.

Breakfast in Birkenstocks

First thing in the morning on that perfect day, I would wake up to beautiful sunshine through my window. And my cat, Emma, would be cuddling me, which she never does in real life. Then I would put on clothes and my Birkenstocks, walk to the kitchen and make a delicious pour-over coffee and oatmeal banana pancakes, while listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong. I would, of course, enjoy this nice morning with my girlfriend, Bryndis. I love these slow tempo mornings!

Mid-morning music

I tend to be more creative earlier in the day, so mid-morning I’d go to my studio in Hafnarfjörður. There, I’d work on something exciting—probably a Vök song, because I’m finishing the album right now—that I can feed off the next few days. I’d listen to it over and over again, until I can’t stand it. I love that!

Lunchtime life-chats

It’s lunchtime and I’m feeling quite social. I’m in love with a place called Von Mathus, which is by the sea downtown in Hafnarfjörður. So I’d go over there, meet up with friends, get the fish of the day and talk about life. Then I’d jump over to Café Pallett—which is in the same building—get takeaway coffee and drive to Hvaleyrarvatn for a nice walk in the sun.

Artisanal afternoon

I keep day-dreaming about building something out of wood, like a dinner table or something. I don’t know anything about carpentry, but I want to be able to do it!

“I would wake up and my cat, Emma, would be cuddling me—which she never does in real life”

So I’d go to my fantasy wood workshop where I’m surrounded by all this crazy beautiful wood and I would build myself a table. And my best friend, Svanhildur, would be there. She’s been battling cancer, so she would be totally healthy and cancer-free. And we would just be laughing hard because obviously we’re amateurs, and don’t know shit about woodwork.

Hot night, cold mojitos

Later on I’d go to the lovely Sólir Yoga, where I’ve been doing mind-blowing hot yoga classes. Then I’d head on home to Hafnarfjörður and take a long hot and cold shower, after which it would be time for me and Bryndis to pack our bags. We’d put Emma in the car and go for a quick delicious pizza at Flatey in Garðabær, where I would get my favorite tartufo pizza. As it’s my perfect day, Emma would get to sit at the table with us!

Afterwards we would head to my summer house in Grímsnes where my family would already be mixing the mojitos. Then we’d end this perfect day by blasting music on the summerhouse porch, dancing in the heat of the night! So that would be my perfect day. It’s a really good one—and a long one!

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