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Just Sayings: “Fram í rauðan dauðann”

Just Sayings: “Fram í rauðan dauðann”

Published May 27, 2019

The 17th century idiom “Fram í rauðan dauðann” literally means “onward to the red dead.” But what, exactly, is this red dead? Well, there are two theories about that. One is that “the red” just refers to a bloody fight. And the second theory—and the one I prefer—is that it symbolises the red sunset that is evocative of the end, literally and figuratively speaking. What it all means is that one will never back down until death or the “sun sets”. So, for you gamers who have been wondering about the meaning of the title of the epic cowboy adventure, Red Dead Redemption, well, there you have it. At least part of it.

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