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Word Of The Issue: Utangátta

Word Of The Issue: Utangátta

Published October 3, 2018

Valur Grettisson
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Screenshot from Maniac

‘Utangátta’ has suddenly become a mystical word in Hollywood, thanks to Cary Fukunaga’s hit Netflix series ‘Maniac.’ In episode nine, Jonah Hill’s character, Owen Milgrim, plays an Icelandic man called Snorri who (spoiler alert, not that it matters) accidentally kills an alien and is a superspy. Maniac is close to being completely incomprehensible and a pathetically shallow journey through real emotion. The script is a shitty excuse for a boyish take on ten different clichés in as many episodes. The word utangátta is fitting here, as it means absent minded, which is exactly how we felt when we drudged through this (s)hit show.

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