Well, You Asked: Dr. Phil On Single Gloves And Getting Rid Of Rashes

Well, You Asked: Dr. Phil On Single Gloves And Getting Rid Of Rashes
Phil Uwe Widiger

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How to get drunk cheaply in Reykjavík?

There are two options here. Firstly, you can buy an invisibility cloak and go to your favourite alcohol store, grab as much as you can and sneak out without being seen. Mind you—bottles are no good for this. They make too much noise in the bag when moving. Secondly, you can download our Appy Hour app which lists the best happy hour deals in real time. For whichever option you choose, make sure to drink lots of water in between. It’s free.

How will all the lost single gloves in Reykjavík find a partner?

Around five years ago, Estelle Divorne started putting single gloves that she found while cycling on a fence on Laugavegur. There, these single gloves found their old partners, or started a new life with a new owner. The fence even became a sort of speed dating spot for a while. Well, the more you know.

How to get rid of a weird looking rash on your butt you got hiding in the bushes to catch a glimpse at the 13 Yule Lads?

Oh, this is a common one. Why would you get rid of it? This is something that Icelandic children are basically born with. You can help heal the rash with certain ointments available at the pharmacy but I’d instead recommend you to keep it as a trophy, and rash of distinction. This will give you the chance to make instant friends at your local swimming pool. Your blotchy butts prove your collective passion for creeping on Yule Lads. Embrace it.

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