Well, You Asked: Being An Intern & Romantic Walks In Reykjavik

Well, You Asked: Being An Intern & Romantic Walks In Reykjavik

Well, You Asked: Being An Intern & Romantic Walks In Reykjavik

Published May 7, 2018

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Stuck in a tricky situation? Don’t worry. Grapevine’s official advice column is here to help you. 

How do I tell my boyfriend that I need more space without offending him?
Without some breathing space, relationships tend to get sour, so don’t worry about being honest here. Lay the ground for it with something nice. First, tell him how much you care about him and how he makes you feel in general and only then drop the “me-time” bomb. There’s nothing wrong with needing a bit more time and space to yourself as an individual in a couple. Sooner or later, he’ll understand!

I’m an intern, how do I avoid doing the tedious stuff? 
Be busy with more important stuff at all times (or just pretend that you are). Wear headphones. Avoid eye contact. Leave the room.  

What is the best place in Reykjavík for a romantic walk?
If you’re feeling adventurous, try the lush Elliðaárdalur Valley. It’s totally worth the 20-minute drive or bus ride from downtown. There are trees, meandering walking paths, tiny waterfalls and wild rabbits. If it’s your first date, go to the Botanical Garden in Laugardalur—it’s closer, but also quite charming and the blooming plants and flowers will get you in the mood for sure.

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