From Iceland — Ísland Life: Hot Lumpfish News! An All-White Calf! Traffic!

Ísland Life: Hot Lumpfish News! An All-White Calf! Traffic!

Published May 8, 2017

Ísland Life: Hot Lumpfish News! An All-White Calf! Traffic!

People are still driving off-road in Iceland, despite strict laws forbidding it. An abandoned jeep was found in Hellisskógur near Selfoss, and locals alerted authorities to the situation. The driver, who was contacted shortly thereafter, admitted to driving off-road and then abandoning the vehicle after he got stuck. As one might imagine, he has been formally charged.

An ambulance was involved in a four-car pile-up in Fjarðarbyggð, East Iceland. As the ambulance was descending a hill, it turned a blind corner and tail-ended a small tour bus that was parked on the side of the road. Fortunately, nobody was injured—especially fortunate, really, as the ambulance was totalled.

Good news, lumpfish fans! Fishermen in the Westfjords celebrated an announcement from the Ministry of Fisheries that lumpfish season has been expanded from 36 days this year to 46. This news is sure to come as welcome relief to anyone who feels 36 days is just not long enough to really enjoy lumpfish fishing.

In perhaps the most adorable news we have ever reported, an all-white calf from a family in West Iceland was born in the Reykjavík Zoo. Even more adorable, the calf’s name is Rjómi Sultuson, which literally means “Cream Jamsson.” Because the calf’s father was a bull named Jam, you see. Patronyms must be respected, even in the animal kingdom.

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