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“FERTUGSALDRI” – Ragnar Egilsson Explains Words!

“FERTUGSALDRI” – Ragnar Egilsson Explains Words!

Published November 19, 2015

Ragnar Egilsson
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When referring to a person’s age (the verb is “dilapidating”), we sometimes refer to the decade of existence that person is currently struggling through instead of using their exact age. However, the name of the age bracket is always dictated by that decade’s upper limit. So, if you’re 21, people say you’re on “þrítugsaldur” (“on your thirties”?), and if you’re 31, you’re now proudly on “fertugsaldur” (“on your forties”???). We do this because we all hate one another and our language is an unholy amalgam of silence and passive-aggression.

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