From Iceland — Channing Tatum Is In Iceland: We Stalked Him Online

Channing Tatum Is In Iceland: We Stalked Him Online

Published May 12, 2015

Channing Tatum Is In Iceland: We Stalked Him Online
Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Marteinn Urbancic

Former stripper and Hollywood actor Channing Tatum has arrived in Iceland and emotions are running high.

Naturally, Icelanders have dropped everything. His every move has been documented via social media. He’s featured in stories on all Icelandic news sites. There hasn’t been an event this big since John Snow was seen drinking in Kaffibarinn.

To keep you updated, we scoured the web to provide a minute by minute account of Channing’s historic first 24 hours.

MAY 10, 2015:

11:21 PM:

Tatum boards Delta flight from New York City. What terminal? Did he watch a movie onboard? Sleep?

MAY 11, 2015:

8:55 AM:

(Channing Tatum just landed in Kef [Keflavik])

Tatum’s plane arrives and he walks in the airport wearing sunglasses inside.

…Mynd segir meira en þúsund orð! Þessi efnilegur maður, Channing Tatum, betra þekktur sem Magic Mike kom til mín í dag… Posted by Zvezdan Dragojlovic on Monday, May 11, 2015

(…A picture says more than a thousand words. This promising young man, Channing Tatum, better known as Magic Mike came to me today at the airport and asked — aren’t you the dancing cop? Better known as Magic Zeko?!? Yes, I replied immediately. Can I take a selfie with you he asked?? ….Couldn’t say not to the dude !!!)

Passport control officer Zvezdan Dragojlovic documents this historic entrance into Iceland. We sleuths at the Grapevine assume that Dragojlovic posted this update hours after the actual event. His description of the event has probably been dramatized.

10:44 AM:

(Met Channing Tatum, he has an ugly haircut but still cool.)

Tatum’s haircut does not impress one fan. Location unknown.

12:31 PM:

(Got a notification from my friend that Channing Tatum was at the next table but there’s no one sitting next to me.)

Tatum is spotted at Grillmarket. Due to the location of the girl photographed, we are unable to tell just how far along he is with his meal.

1:14 PM:

Allar afmælisgjafir afþakkaðar, allar óskir mínar urðu að veruleika í dag 🙂 #channingtatum Posted by Karítas Sveina Guðjónsdóttir on Monday, May 11, 2015

(You don’t have to give me any birthday presents or wishes ‘cause all my dreams came true today #channingtatum)

Still at Grillmarket, literally stuck in a stalker sandwich. Once again, this photo leaves us with important questions —what is Tatum eating? Who is he with?

2:32 PM:

(Me and Channing Tatum are just chilling at Pósthússtræti.)

Tatum has moved from Grillmarket to Pósthússtræti.

2:34 PM:

(He’s wearing a fleece sweater and pants that really compliment his butt.)

Sometime in these last two minutes, Tatum turned around.

3:36 PM:

(I get confused a lot with Channing Tatum. Don’t suppose that will get better today.)

If today has been rough on Channing, it must have been twice as bad for Gunnar. Stay strong buddy. 

4:08 PM:

(I really hope Channing Tatum is on tinder so we can match)  

Don’t we all. Tatum has elicited some naughty thoughts.

4:18 PM:

(Channing Tatum and Adam Rodriguez are walking Laugaveger rite nao!)

Now at Laugavegur with fellow “Magic Mike” star, Adam Rodriguez. But that’s a big street, where is he? This tweet is not helpful.

4:42 PM:

Well someone’s obviously lying here. We have proof he’s already met lots of fans. Or does he say that to all the cute girls? 

6:17 PM: 

Tatum stops for a selfie, still wearing that stylish beanie and fleece jacket.

7:03 PM:

Tatum receives an invitation —will he accept?

9:38 PM:

(I don’t like Nutella or Channing Tatum. Send me to exile.)

His presence is causing chaos all over the country.

9:58 PM:

(Channing Tatum is at Snaps. I have to start spying at the yellow house!!!)

(When I saw Channing tatum walk into Snaps: but then when ADAM RODRIGUEZ FROM CSI MIAMI CAME IN AFTER HIM?!?: ☺️)

Snapps for a drink. What drink? Beer? Wine? These posts leave us in the dark.  

10:58 PM:

(Ok Channing Tatum just walked into Prikið with champagne…)

Emmsjé Gauti kindly alerts us all that Tatum has walked into Prikið holding bottles of champagne. Is Prikið BYOB? I don’t think so. Tatum is apparently a rule-breaker. 

According to important sources, it was only minutes before the whole place was swarmed with fans. Gauti then responded:

(The media should do a little background research before they eat the shit. Lol)

A red herring. Gauti tricked us, perhaps in an effort to gain media attention. Well if that was the intention, bravo, you’ve done very well. Non-ironic congratulations.

Rumors state that later, Tatum and his crew did try and enter Prikið but could not because the whole place was filled with fans looking for him. No social media reports of this occurrence exist, so the Grapevine is doubtful.

While we at the Grapevine always appreciate a little joke, Tatum’s location is currently unknown. Please email us if you have any information.

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