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Keeping Reykjavík Preened

Published July 30, 2014

Best Trendy Haircut: Rauðhetta og Úlfurinn

Keeping Reykjavík Preened
Tyler Clevenger
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Magnús Andersen

Best Trendy Haircut: Rauðhetta og Úlfurinn

It’s no secret that Icelanders take their hair very seriously. For years, Rauðhetta og úlfurinn has been the go-to spot for Icelanders looking to sport a fresh cut. As four-time winners of our annual ‘Best Place To Get A Trendy Haircut’ award, it’s clear that the experts at the Skólavörðustígur studio know how to chop some locks.

According to salon manager Sandra Olgeirsdóttir, being the best at trendy haircuts is all about practice and this salon has been doing that for the last 17 years. In addition to offering clients magazines and massages, she says they always try to figure out what type of person he or she is, and what style might best suit them. Rauðhetta og úlfurinn in particular draws inspiration from a variety of sources. Each year, members of the staff travel abroad to look for new ideas. For Sandra, watching old movies is also an effective brainstorming strategy.

Above all else, she says the key to managing a great salon is (mostly) about one thing. “Service is number one, two, and three. And also good coffee!” she quips. “We’re not afraid to give the haircuts that clients ask for, no matter what it is,” she says. “That’s how you get the experience.”

Ultimately, when it comes to serving up the trendiest cuts, she says thinking ahead and focusing outward is of the utmost importance. The hip haircut when we pull together the 2015 Best Of guide? According to Sandra, it’s likely to move on from a mid-length cut to a longer ‘do. Until then, head over to Rauðhetta og úlfurinn, get your souvenir haircut, and enjoy the rest of our Best Of 2014 picks in style.

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