From Iceland — Today Is Beer Day!

Today Is Beer Day!

Published March 1, 2011

Today Is Beer Day!

Beer. It comes in countless colours and flavours. It’s been around for centuries.  It’s drunk around the world.  And it makes me a way better dancer… or so I like to believe.  Despite beer’s many wonderful qualities, it’s only been legal in Iceland for the last 22 years.  But, when the ban was dropped and the kegs started flowing on this day in 1989, it only made perfect sense to commemorate national drunkenness with a holiday.
So Happy Beer day, everyone! Here are some of the very specific traditions to this wonderful celebration:
1) Go to bars.
2) Drink beer.
That’s about it.  Many of the bars around Reykjavik will be serving up killer specials.  So get out there, chug a few brewskies, and toast to your freedom. Skál!
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