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Grapevine Shows Some Love

Published July 26, 2010

Grapevine Shows Some Love

Villa Reykjavík  
This crazy travelling art festival has brought an arty party hearty spirit to Reykjavík over the past week—and it ain’t over yet! They’ve got some sort of opening or cocktail event or concert going on pretty much every day, so those of you that are into art and/or free drinks and hors d’oeuvres should have plenty on your plates. More info on

Flight Of The Testes Fest
This unique metal festival went on
way out in Neskaupstaður last weekend. Grapevine was there, and boy did
we have a blast! Some of Iceland’s best, most awesome heavy bands
playing in near-perfect sound, to a crowd that displayed near-perfect
harmony. And Napalm fucking Death were there too! The organisation of
the thing was exemplary, the staff was friendly and helpful and the
spirit was just amazing to witness. Expect extensive coverage in our
next issue (the writers that went there were all too hung over to do
their jobs when they got back).    

Hitt Húsið
Hitt Húsið is currently occupying that big red house on Austurstræti (along with the Post Office). It was founded in 1991, as a resource centre for young folks between the ages of 16–25. They aim to help young people formulate and execute their ideas (for instance by providing them with space to work on them), to reflect the culture of young people and to give them advice on whatever ails them. They are for instance responsible for some of the awesome street happenings that have been going on in town this summer, and there’s plenty more to come. We cannot imagine Reykjavík without it, so here’s some love.

Miss U Karamba 🙁
So some bad news is that Karamba is closing
down indefinitely as of this weekend. This sucks. We’ve had some great
times there since they opened up last year, seen some great shows, drank
some great drinks and generally enjoyed life in the company of the
friendly staff and nice wall paintings. They’re having a farewell party
this weekend that you should definitely attend.  Miss u, Karamba. Thanks
for everything.

How the harbour area is shaping up
Man, have you guys been to the harbour area lately, where Sægreifinn and Búllan and Elding and all those guys are? Because we have, and it’s really lovely! All of the sudden, all these stores and restaurants have sprung up there, and on Saturdays they have an outdoor fishmarket selling all sorts of fresh stuff! Hopefully, this trend will continue FOREVER, so we can have a cool new neighbourhood to hang out in.

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