From Iceland — Paint-Splashing Activists Come Forward

Paint-Splashing Activists Come Forward

Published September 14, 2009

Paint-Splashing Activists Come Forward

A wave of militant activism has washed over Reykjavík in the past of months. Enraged by the fact that the Icelandic public inherited the debts caused by prominent businessmen, some activists have decided it’s payback time.
Targets have been cars and homes belonging to our banksters (AKA Financial Vikings), those who are by many considered responsible for the country’s economic collapse. Their weapon of choice has been red paint, their actions: Splattering coats of red paint on singled-out vehicles and houses. Among the affected are: billionaire Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson, former Kaupthing chairman Sigurður Einarsson, director of Íslandsbanki (formerly Glitnir) Birna Einarsdóttir and the former CFO of Baugur Group Stefán Hilmarsson.
The actions were photographed and sent to the media by an individual identifying as ‘Skapofsi’ (“RAGE”), who claims to mediate information from the responsible parties. We contacted ‘Skapofsi’ to see if s/he could forward some of our questions to whoever’s painting cars out there. S/he sent us the following statement (that we have translated for your reading pleasures), as well as some answers that we’ve printed as they came (no proofing or editing). So, this is what it’s come to. Fancy that.
“The Icelandic public is in denial, political parties and their henchmen make sure to steer the media discourse in a way that holds back the furious Icelandic public that will inherit both debt and damage from the banksters. Writing off the banksters’ debt is packaged and served to the public like nothing could be more natural. The collapse-people’s renaissance moves steadily forward under the wing of the political parties.
It is wrong to say that the public will pay for cleaning paint splashes off the banksters’ houses, no insurance policy covers such damage, unless maybe they still control the insurance companies. We will continually toughen our actions until the government punishes the collapse’s main guilty parties, and seizes ALL of their “properties,” to divide between a nation enslaved by political cliques and their henchmen.
A limp investigation and angry bloggers will not serve to put these men behind bars. Thus, we ask the populace to rise up and drive these banksters from the country, or straight to jail. We must prevent the Icelandic nation from paying the debt of these unfortunate men.”
What do you wish to achieve by splashing red paint on houses and cars?
Painting houses is OK, because the Financial Vikings have to pay the damages themselves. No insurance company can cover the damage. We are however very upset that one guy in our group, without notice, painted Björgólfur Thor’s Hummer. That damage the insurance will pay. So no car will be painted anymore.
Do you think that your actions will have any direct effects?
It will open the eyes of the people in Iceland. It will also show the media overseas that one of biggest banking swindles in European history was created in Iceland by 60 men.
Is it defensible to attack private property and individuals?
Do not say attack, these people have attacked our homes and families so the people have to pay back. The government in power is covering the act of crime they have committed to our beautiful country.
What good do you see these actions doing for Icelandic society?
It will raise awareness that criminal acts have been committed in our country by these stupid people – in front of the eyes of the political parties.
In what way will your activities become more aggressive unless the offenders are punished?
We will see.

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