From Iceland — Radio To The Other Side: In search of the Real McCoy

Radio To The Other Side: In search of the Real McCoy

Published September 2, 2009

Radio To The Other Side: In search of the Real McCoy

A word of warning: This one could end up being a real mind-bender. Hold on to your seats.
First, to put things into crystal clear perspective, here are a few significant facts:
1)    The Milky Way galaxy holds something to the tune of 100 billion stars
2)    There are probably around 100 billion galaxies in the observable Universe
3)    Guess how many planets there might actually be?
How could there bloody well not be life out there?  
One thing we do know is that energy is absolutely everywhere, and every darned thing is here because of energy. What we don’t know exactly is where the stuff comes from originally, and, in many cases, where precisely it goes; what we do know is that it’s always present, constantly reinventing itself. This may be one of the very fundamentals of the Universe. Unless there’s something were entirely missing which is, of course, entirely possible.  
Kristbjörg Elín Kristmundsdóttir is an alternative chemist. I call her a modern day alchemist; she says she taps the purest form of emotional energy from flowers which she then goes on to provide, diluted in crystal clear Icelandic water, to her clients. She’s quite cryptic as to how she procures these healing forces:
‘Ah, that’s a secret. No, seriously, I have a special method for each plant, but it depends on many factors: the Sun, water, the Moon, a little bit of my own special…’ Alchemy? Magic? Energy-harnessing device based on some cryptic Da Vinci code?
In contemporary physics, energy is a measured quantity that describes the amount of work that can be performed by a force. According to the Law of Conservation of Energy, energy can neither be produced nor destroyed, only transformed. And, total energy always remains the same. So, the energy which existed at the very beginning of the Universe is still the same amount it always was—it may have transmuted, but it’s still here seething in all its wondrous quarks and sparks—everywhere: in flowers, humans too.
And, remember: every living organism here on Earth relies on some external source of energy, even those weird tube worms down near those geothermal vents. The Sun, ultimate life-giver, starts a whole shebang chain-of-events; plants gobble pure sunlight—possibly the closest thing to pure energy around—producing our own life-giving oxygen. Unseen, but truly felt. Breathe in, breathe out.
And although Kristbjörg doesn’t really reveal anything, I do a bit of soul-searching-earth-digging myself, and find a little old man who worked in the original Bach flower essences factory (yes, factory) in ‘ye olde’ England. Edward Bach, medical-professional-turned-holistic-pioneer, invented the whole flower essence thing in the early 1900s. He never touched the flowers, simply collected the morning dew that lay shimmering opalescent on their petals. Bach believed that early morning sunlight transferred the healing power of the plant into the dew water. He only used one drop mixed in with litres of tap water to create his famous elixirs.  I’m assuming that Kristbjörg’s process is not dissimilar.
But can it really be as simple as all that? No bat’s wings? No cauldron?
Guðbjörg Sveinsdóttir, the clairvoyant, says, ‘All disease begins on an emotional level. We create weaknesses in our systems because we are not in tune with our chakras [our energies]. Create a stable flow of energy, through meditation, through connection to your emotional-self, and disease is much less likely to rear its ugly head.’ Being one with the Universe is what it’s all about.
Even modern medical science, although extremely wary of holistic practices, acknowledges the power of positive thinking. Even if it’s just placebo effect, it has been known to miraculously cure cancers and other deathly diseases.
‘It’s all in vibration, like a grand symphony. Everything in the Universe is vibrating energy. Healthy life is about being in synch with the primal energy source,’ says Kristbjörg.
So maybe, just maybe, energy is not only about creating the ideal conditions for basic life, the speed of light, and a Weight Watcher’s diet; perchance energy is also about creativity, some form of Cosmic will or divine force; about the Universe’s ultimate drive towards complexity. Here’s an idea: Perhaps the energy itself is the communicator of the Universe’s innate intelligence?
Then, is there a message hidden in all that energy? And what about that dew water?
Yokohama’s Emoto Masaru talks to water. He claims that emotions directed at water will result in representative images in the water when frozen: The word ‘beauty’ creates stunning water crystals; the word ‘evil’ creates gnarled, troll-troglodyte crystalline lumps. And of course Kristbjörg knows Emoto, this is all a small circle; in fact, shortly, Emoto will be conducting his experiments with her own flower essences.
And then, coming back to the big picture, there’s the ever-evasive Dark Matter.
Recently cosmologists report that the Universe consists of more of what they call ‘Dark Matter’ than anything else. Thus far, Dark Matter cannot be seen, only inferred by its gravitational pull. It is, for all intents and purposes, entirely invisible.  
While trying to unravel the underlying mechanism of the Cosmos, why gravity is present everywhere and planetary systems cluster rather than shoot off into space, Dark Matter was discovered, er, inferred. Some speculate Dark Matter may be the reason why Einstein never got beyond his Theory of Relativity and managed to close in on his ever-elusive Unified Theory of Everything.
So, next time you snigger at an Aunt who says she has just had tea with Huldufólk, or scoffed at a Granny who knitted a sweater for her favourite elf, remember: not even Stephen Hawking knows what that ominous Dark Matter is… yet. Perhaps it’s right there, in the dark of the unseen Dark Matter where all those invisible folks are hiding – energetically?
The message I infer from all of this is: Where there’s energy, life is bound to arise, and where there’s life, sooner or later intelligence will evolve, and communicate. Stay in tune with it, and the Cosmos is your own bloody oyster.
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