From Iceland — Spam Alert!

Spam Alert!

Published October 10, 2008

Spam Alert!

Our attention has been brought to a growing number of scam e-mails
stemming from Iceland following the increasing financial instability on
the domestic front. The unsolicited e-mails are being sent to
foreigners, seemingly in order to lure them into giving away enough
personal information for the dishonest senders to be able to transfer
foreign money to Icelandic accounts. The Grapevine has received one
such letter from a watchful Nigerian, where the unscrupulous sender,
using a false identity, claims to be a former assistant to Mr.
Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson, one of Icelands richest businessmen. We
wish to warn against these hoax letters, especially since there is such
a fine line between truth and lies, laughter and tears and belief and
naïvety in moments of crisis such as the one we are currently going
through in Iceland.

Copy of email:
Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2008 13:20:42
Dear Friend,

I know that this letter will come to you as a thunder from clear air due to the fact that we do not know each other in person.
I write you in good faith, hoping that you will treat this letter as a desperate search for assistance in a matter that shall benefit both of us. I believe you are a highly respected personality, considering the fact that I sourced your profile from a human resource profile database on your country in the Internet.

I am MR. FRIÐÞJÓFUR MÁR MÁSSON a resident of REYKJAVÍK, ICELAND – a small country in Northern-Europe.
I am the former personal assistant of MR. BJÖRGÓLFUR THOR, highly respected business person who owns several assets on the market in the international financial boom and was FORBES-listed as one of the richest billionaire individuals in the global economy field in 2006.

Grievingly the crises on the earth with regards to monetary status, has left MR. THOR and his father BJÖRGÓLFUR THE ELDER in dire straits of liquidity. The main company of THOR, SAMSON, has gotten a payment stoppage  from Reykjavík Municipal Court as of today, the 7th of September, following a hostile take-over on the Landsbankinn bank by MR. DAVID ODDSSON director of the Central bank of Iceland and the current communist government of Iceland.

You can verify the aforementioned information from the international web sites posted below:

The Icelandic nation-schooner is now situated between a reef and a wave and is rowing for its life to avoid financial bankruptcy. Many of MR. THOR´S assets have been frozen but some of the extra money from the 2002 sale of the BRAVO BREWERY, $31 million remains.

MR. THOR has asked me to dispose wisely of this money with foreign investors.

I turn to you dear friend because as the old Icelandic saying goes: Naked is everyone´s back unless he has a brother.
If this request appeals to you, please forward to me your telephone number, your fax number and your full name and address to enable my lawyer to send you the relevant documents needed for you to receive the sum of $31 million to your personal or corporate valid bank account in Russian Federation, Africa or Asia.

Conclusively, we have agreed to offer you 30% of the total sum while 70% is to be held on trust by you until we decide on a suitable business investment in your country subsequent to our free movement by the Icelandic Government. Please reply urgently as our next discussion will be centered on how the money shall be transferred.

I desperately require your candid assistance and I trust in your Maxiimum confidence.

Your sincerely


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