From Iceland — Inflation and Safewords

Inflation and Safewords

Published June 28, 2023

Inflation and Safewords

 The Grapevine answers your most pressing questions

How are the average citizens dealing with inflation and the high price of food?

Usually a mixture of:


“Jésus minn.”

“How much for a paprika??”


“What the fokk.”

“Unbelievable .”


What can you tell me about us nuclear subs visiting your country?

Well, I can tell you that you nuclear subs are welcome to come by of course but I can’t promise many atomic doms given that the population is still pretty small. But hey, Pride is in August and the BDSM scene usually gets their own float for the parade and if it’s warm enough, you can wear your favorite, subiest outfits and enjoy yourselves. Just don’t forget sunscreen and your safeword.

Is Björk still a big star in Iceland ? Or does the new generation not care ?


Jk I think I saw her at the grocery store the other day grumbling about vegetable prices.

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