From Iceland — We All Scream! It’s the kids’ choice ice cream battle royale

We All Scream! It’s the kids’ choice ice cream battle royale

Published May 2, 2023

We All Scream! It’s the kids’ choice ice cream battle royale
Photo by
Art Bicnick

It’s been a week since the Krakkaveldi kids descended on Grapevine HQ for the ultimate ice cream taste test and this place is still a sticky mess. But it’s all worth it, because eating copious amounts of ice cream is fun and because it got results. Well… it got opinions. Varied, sometimes nonsensical opinions. The kids sampled 10 flavours of ice cream and gelato, rating each on a scale of one  to 10. Here’s how it went.

Photo by Art Bicnick

Valdis: Salted Caramel — 9/10

The first scoop of the tasting elicited happy sounds from all the kids at the table. We were off to a strong start.

Eldlilja: “It’s very salty.”

Yrsa: “I think it’s a perfect flavour. But it can be a little bit less sweet I think, just a little bit.”

Borghildur: “At first I thought it was 11/10, now I think it’s 9.”

Photo by Art Bicnick

Valdís: Raspberry  — 9.5/10

Another flavour unanimously enjoyed by the young food critics. When one adult at the tasting dared to question whether it tasted slightly artificial, they were rebuked. As Nína clapped back: “Kids don’t mind artificial taste, we’re used to it.”

Valdís: Danish Liquorice — 3/10

The flavour of liquorice has always been divisive, and that held true during the Krakkaveldi tasting. Some testers were unsure what they were eating, others finished every bite, and others still promptly scraped the contents of their bowl into the trash.

Borghildur: “I think this one is coffee.” 

Sóley: “One time my grandma gave me coffee ice cream.”

Borghildur, Sóley, Margrét: “Where’s the trash? It’s zerooooooooooooooo.”

Brynja: “I love liquorice.” 

Yrsa: “The aftertaste is not very good.”

Margrét: “I want more of the raspberry.”

Photo by Art Bicnick

Valdís: Chocolate — 5/10

At this point in the tasting, the adults in the room questioned whether we had stumbled into an alternate reality in which children universally detest chocolate. 

Margrét: “I hate chocolate.”

Sóley: “No more chocolate.”

Yrsa: “I think this is definitely 10 but I think they could have used milk chocolate. This is very chocolatey.” 

Sóley: “Chocolate gets a four.”

Photo by Art Bicnick

Valdís: Mint Chocolate Chip — 5/10

After proclaiming the next flavour as my own personal favourite, it was particularly heartbreaking to hear a chorus of little voices uttering their displeasure and drawing comparisons to toothpaste. 

Eldlilja: “Zero.”

Brynja: “I love mint chocolate.”

Borghildur, Sóley, Margrét: “NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” (Margrét mimics being ill.) “It’s zero. Below zero.”

Yrsa: 10/10

Valdís: Strawberry — 3/10

File this under the same mystery as the kids not enjoying the chocolate ice cream; a classic strawberry scoop also fell flat.

Margrét: “I think it’s bubble gum.”

Yrsa: “It looks cheap.”

Brynja: “It’s like strawberry medicine. It’s medicine that tastes like strawberry but doesn’t taste like strawberry at all.”

Borghildur: “Can I have more?”

Gaeta: Oreo — between 4 and 1000/10

Perhaps our young taste-testers had overworked their taste buds by this point, but their review started to take a turn for the loopy. 

Yrsa: “This is so good. It’s 1000 out of 10. (30 seconds later) The aftertaste is a little too much. 4/10 for me.”

Brynja: “Stracciatellaaaaa!” (Editor’s note: it was not, in fact, stracciatella)

Eldlilja: “It reminds me of bananas.”

Photo by Art Bicnick

Gaeta: Strawberry Cheesecake — 8/10

Gaeta’s flavours were the bigger hit for the adults in the room, but they continued to confound the youths. 

Brynja: “It tastes exactly like strawberry jam. That is strawberry cheesecake! Strawberry cheesecake, yoghourt, with jam and strawberries. I’d give it a solid 8.”

Yrsa: “It tastes like strawberry yoghourt. It’s not good.”

Eldlilja: “Very. Weird. Jam.”

Gaeta: Stracciatella — 6/10

When ordering gelato, one has to try a classic stracciatella. The kids, however, were thrown off by the sparsity of chocolate shavings, and a heated debate ensued over whether this was actually stracciatella or more of the Oreo flavour sampled earlier.

Brynja: “It’s stracciatella again. The other one wasn’t stracciatella. How was I wrong?!”

Sóley: “It’s fine.”

Yrsa: “They didn’t do a good job at doing Oreo.” (Editor’s note: because this one wasn’t Oreo)

Gaeta: Mango — 10/10

Ah, the final scoop of the tasting session. Some young reviewers were totally ice creamed out, others were demanding seconds of their favourite flavours. The experiment ends on a high note, with Gaeta’s fresh mango gelato hitting a home run with everyone.

Brynja: “This is my childhood in one bite. I am mango.”

Yrsa: “That’s perfect out of 10.”

Borghildur: “I love it.”

Margrét: “I want more raspberry.”

Borghildur: “I want more mango.”

Margrét: “There’s no raspberry left…”

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