Krakkaveldi-approved travel destinations to plan your next adventure around

Krakkaveldi-approved travel destinations to plan your next adventure around

Photo by
Art Bicnick

You’ve read the travel blogs, leafed through the latest Frommers and consulted an oracle. But did you ever think to ask a bunch of kids what areas to visit when in Iceland? We did it for you. Here’s where the Krakkaveldi kids suggest you go.

“Akureyri because it is different from Reykjavík. It reminds me of Reykjavík but it’s fun to see something different than the capital city.”

Yrsa Rún Gunnarsdóttir, 11

“Akureyri has a crazy swimming pool, a Christmas house, and a big part of my family lives there. They also have the Akureyri botanic garden, which is a great change of scenery.”

Nína Marín Andradóttir, 12

photo by Art Bicnick

“Mount Esja, because you are not in the city and you have fresh air and a great view. It is so much fun to gain new energy by walking up a mountain.”

Eldlilja Kaja Heimisdóttir, 14

“My favorite place to travel in Iceland is Ölfusborgir summer house area, because it is close to Geysir and there are a lot of things to do with friends there. Meaning they have many playgrounds and stuff for children to do there.”

Borghildur Lukka Kolbeinsdóttir, 8

Photo by Art Bicnick

“Ólafsvík, because my grandparents lives there.”

Sóley Hulda Nílsen Viðarsdóttir, 8

“I would say Reykjavík, because I live in Reykjavík.”

Margrét Aðalgeirsdóttir, 8

“My favorite place is Keflavík because from there I can fly away from Iceland.”

Brynja Steinunn Helgesson Danielsen, 12

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