From Iceland — Perfect Day: Aurore Pélier Cady

Perfect Day: Aurore Pélier Cady

Published September 2, 2022

Perfect Day: Aurore Pélier Cady
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Aurore Pélier Cady has traded the bustling streets of Paris for quietness of Reykjavík, bringing French delicacies to Iceland in her very own fine pastry shop—Sweet Aurora Reykjavík. In addition to making state of the art desserts, she obviously loves animals and knows how to dream big. Just look at her perfect day!

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Dreaming of longer days

In my perfect world, days would last 48 hours instead of 24 hours, because there are way too many things I wanna do!

I would wake up in my perfect summerhouse on the borders of Reykjavík, after a nice 12-hour sleep with my dog Uki licking my face as my very own alarm clock device. Then I would go out for brunch (in my perfect world brunch is available all week) to get some eggs benedict at Coocoo’s Nest. Alternatively, some perfect boyfriend would cook for me and I’d get breakfast in bed instead.

Photo by Art Bicnick

Sled rides and cuddles

Now is time to exercise a bit and get some air. I‘m gearing up my dog sled team (in my perfect world I would have not one but eight huskies and malamutes), led by Uki and go for a ride in the open, between glaciers and mountains. The ride would end up in a big cuddling session and playing in the snow.

Picnic by a waterfall

The dogs deserve a rest, it’s sunny and warm, so we decide to go for a horse ride in the forest with my friends Deborah and Axelle and have a picnic cooked by Slippurinn restaurant, right in front of the waterfalls.

Reykjavík-Paris shenanigans

We would have a massive barbeque in the countryside, cooked by my chef friends Ingo, Euan and Laetita, and I would have baked a giant French pastry buffet. All my close friends and family from Reykjavík and Paris would be there, and all the dogs of course! We would have an outdoor bathtub full of French natural wines selected by Olivia, just like we do back home in the winemakers’ parties.

Late night jazz

Then the dinner would turn into a big jazz jam session in a barn under the stars, singing with Lou Tavano and my musician friends from Paris. Maybe Gregory Porter would appear to sing a duet and make my day and everyone would join in and dance? We would finally all lie down, warmed up by a bonfire, and watch the northern lights show above, as I look back and reminisce about this perfect 48-hour day.

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