From Iceland — Well, You Asked: Iceland’s New Mecca

Well, You Asked: Iceland’s New Mecca

Published June 4, 2021

Well, You Asked: Iceland’s New Mecca
Brittnee Kiner
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Answering questions with as much honesty as money can buy—because well, you asked and we’re generous.

Feeling a little anxious that COVID is ending. If we’re being honest, I almost don’t want it to end. What do I do?

Hey, we get itgone are the days where you could run errands around this tiny city without having to painfully engage in conversation with one of your many pandemic-era Tinder dates. While the use of masks and social distancing fades away, being a total recluse is more acceptable than it’s ever been. After finishing your workday in a public space, you can go home and bake banana bread or binge “Tiger King” to relive all of your lockdown dreams. Just when you’ve finished binging and baking, dive into some self-care by journaling about the million and one things you could be doing better as a human being causebanana bread is only going to get you so far.

I’m a broke, busy guy. If I could only visit one place in Iceland right now, where would I go?

You’ve probably heard by now, but Iceland has an erupting volcano. If your entire social media feed hasn’t managed to be completely annihilated by endless drone footage, consider yourself lucky. You’re definitely luckier than mostincluding the numerous amateur drone pilots that think if they crank the accelerator hard enough on their handheld controllers, it will clear the globs of fire. If you want to tag along on the Icelandic pilgrimage, grab a beer from the bar, snatch a speaker for your back pocket and drag along your friend with the drone that hates hiking because this is our new meccano excuses are permitted here. Aerial views are necessary despite the inevitable consequences, so then you can both hike back bitter and droneless.

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