Humans of Reykjavík: Three Americans Here By Chance

Humans of Reykjavík: Three Americans Here By Chance

Photo by
Geidi Raud

Every issue, we will interview someone living in Reykjavík or just visiting the city, so as to share with you, dear reader, the trials and tribulations of daily life here in the capital.

This issue’s humans: Brad&Susan Imsdahl and Carolyn Shwash, tourists from The U.S.

On what brings them to Reykjavík

“Our flight was delayed for an hour and a half and because of that we missed our transfer to Frankfurt. So the airline gave us a hotel room in Reykjavík overnight. Actually we are having a lot of fun here. We met Carolyn who is also from Minnesota and now we are going whale watching together,” explains Brad Imsdahl.

On what they had heard about Iceland

“Actually we have always talked about coming to Iceland. As for this trip, our final destination is Norway. I’ve heard that Icelanders are distant cousins of Norwegians and share the same viking heritage,” says Brad. “And also that it is a beautiful land with geysers, glaciers and all sorts of natural staff,” says his wife Susan. “A friend of mine worked here and she said only wonderful things about Iceland. I have always wanted to see it and now I am getting a chance,” adds Carolyn Shwash.

On the differences between Iceland and Minnesota

“ I grew up in Minnesota—it’s really cold there and winters last for six months. So it’s pretty much the same here in Iceland during a winter,” says Carolyn.

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