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Lára Rúnars

Lára Rúnars

Published September 13, 2013

Icelandic chanteuse Lára Rúnars released her album ‘Moment’ on July 23 in the US. Her fourth full-length and self-proclaimed “darkest release,” incorporating electronics with a full band, Rúnars delivers a brooding yet upbeat melodic, indie pop record.
Lára says, “this album is my most personal to date and at times most melancholy. However it’s also like a rebirth of who I am, kind of my emancipation from my past and therefore a joyful album as well. Musically, as opposed to my previous albums where I would compose on piano or guitar, we wrote a lot of parts on this for electronic beats and elements.” Being her first entirely English album, lyrics for ‘Moment’ were organized with assistance from former tour-mate and Austin-based songwriter Matt The Electrician.
She is the daughter of Icelandic rock royalty as the granddaughter of a member of one of Iceland’s biggest bands in the 80’s, Grafík. Her debut solo album, ‘Standing Still’ was released a decade ago while she was still underage. Following that release, while touring, she connected with Irish singer/songwriter Damien Rice, which resulted in several high profile collaborations together. Since then, she has released her fully Icelandic album, Þögn (2006) and Silence in 2009. A captivating live performer, Lára has toured Europe and appeared at such festivals at The Great Escape, Eurosonic and Blue Balls Festival.

October 30, 2013
22:30 Gamli Gaukurinn

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