From Iceland — A Film Festival In Strangers' Houses in Reykjavík!

A Film Festival In Strangers’ Houses in Reykjavík!

A Film Festival In Strangers’ Houses in Reykjavík!

Published September 9, 2011

Hey! We are Couch Fest Films. We are an international short film festival that happens in strangers’ houses on September 24. For 2011, we are giddy to be here in Iceland collaborating with the Reykjavik International Film Festival.
Couch Fest Films is not an online event, nor a broadcast event. We are a film festival that replaces traditional theatre venues with cosy, residential venues. So, on Saturday, September 24, 2011, each host house participating in Couch Fest Films around Reykjavík will present a unique programme of short movies that play on the hour from 11am–7pm. Festivalgoers are welcome to visit as many of the homes as they like. Admission will likely be 500 ISK per house, and 2.000 ISK for the entire day.
“Wouldn’t it be awkward watching films with strangers’ in someone’s house?” It could be awkward. Especially if you are watching really crappy films. That’s why we scrape every tube of the Internet and overdraft our defaulted travel budget attending film festivals to find the best mind-blowing films we can. We have attended some of the most established film festivals in the world—for example, the Seattle International Film Festival, CFC Worldwide Shorts Toronto, SF Shorts, SXSW, Melbourne International Film Festival, and New Horizon in Poland. And, as if spending months living off insomnia, GoGurt, and fruit leather wasn’t enough, we also attend the more obscure film festivals, like the International Random Film Festival in Bór Zapilski, Poland, hoping to find a rare gem. But let’s not forget the amazing people who engage with the festival that make it wicked good. We love seeing all the different backgrounds that come to the festival. We have had families, students and co-ops host. And, on any given couch,
you can see bikers, students, parents, tourists, locals, kids, actors and filmmakers all sharing laughs, armrests and snacks.
In Reykjavík, the houses will be conveniently located near each other to encourage walking and biking, and allow the curious to experience several programmes during the day. A short intermission in the middle of each programme will allow viewers to discuss the films and socialise. Participants will have the opportunity to interact, share and discover new films and fellow lovers of film.  Maybe you love film. Maybe you like the idea of sitting on your rump. Well, that’s kind of what we like too. Thus was born the idea of Couch Fest Films.
Currently, we are still looking for some last-minute houses to host for our scrappy film festival.  Drop us an email if you want to host, volunteer, sponsor or have any questions:

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