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Guy X

Guy X

Published May 19, 2006

I first heard about Guy X two years ago, working at Hótel Saga. I got a room service call so up I went with the food, knocking on the door I came face to face with actor Jason Biggs, who was not only really generous with his cash, and told me about a movie he was shooting here in Iceland. That was two years ago; I had heard nothing since.
Guy X is the new generation’s M*A*S*H. A black comedy set on a military base in Iceland during the 70s. Based on the book by John Griesemer, Guy X deals with an office error posting Rudy (played delightfully by Biggs) to Iceland rather than Hawaii, which was supposed to be his original destination.
The rugged Icelandic landscape is beautifully filmed, offering an alternate look to Iceland. Whilst most big Hollywood movies roam around the glaciers and the icebergs, Guy X deals with the wilderness of the Icelandic landscape in a beautiful and stark way.
Alongside Biggs is the ever-reliable Michael Ironside who plays a solider who has been injured in the course of action; Ironside plays the part with more finesse than I thought was possible from this big bulk of a man.
But Guy X isn’t just about Biggs’ misfortune. No, just beneath the surface of the Keflavík base is something more sinister than even Biggs’ apple pie fetish. For just like most military bases around the world, this one hides a deep dark secret, which Biggs slowly discovers. The movie is as original as it is unpredictable, and is sure to leave the audience confused as to whether they should laugh or cry.
There are better movies out there dealing with the same things. For me you will never beat M*A*S*H, but Guy X isn’t bad.

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