From Iceland — 10 Reasons to Go to the Reykjavík International Film Festival

10 Reasons to Go to the Reykjavík International Film Festival

10 Reasons to Go to the Reykjavík International Film Festival

Published September 2, 2005

This is a once a year chance to see the best independent films from all over the world. The focus will be on new talented directors, Iranian cinematography and human rights. And, of course, there’s a special selection for kids. Politically-aware children… we can dream.
You want to hear a guy talk about getting arrested in a public toilet with his pants down. George Michael’s documentary A Different Story will be shown at the festival.
Everyone else in Europe has already seen it: Gegen die Wand. It won a Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival for a reason. No fairytale but real life.
You want to get 2.5 credits on your literature or film BA studies at the University of Iceland. If you’ll work as an intern at the festival, attend seminars and turn in a good paper, the credits are yours.
Alejandro Jodorowsky. Will the cult classic El Topo be shown? And will the legend himself be there? There’s only one way to find out.
You’re considering moving to Royston Vasey and want to make up your mind. The festival will premiere the League of Gentlemen’s film Apocalypse.
You’re a cult classic junkie. Admit it. Go to the movie marathon that includes a midnight snack, living dead, chainsaws and a healthy breakfast.
You want to become a filmmaker. Here’s your chance to mingle and meet the celebs. Abbas Kiarostami, Elle Flanders, Oliver Stoltz and Stuart Samuels are among the guests.
You’ve always wanted to see a forbidden film. Metal detectors and security guards will be present as the Canadian film What Remains of Us is shown. Why? Because it’s a documentary about a young Tibetan refugee who returns to her homeland with a video message of the Dalai Lama. There are only three copies of this film in the world and the Chinese authorities are not amused. In order to protect the people who appear in the film, everyone will be screened before entering.
A master class by filmmaker Velcrow Ripper. He went to the ground zeros of this world to interview people who experienced catastrophes. Ripper has filmed in countries like Cambodia, Afghanistan and Bosnia.
The Reykjavík International Film Festival will run from the 28th of September until the 9th of October. For detailed information, check out

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