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Johansen Deli adds Flavour To Downtown’s Industrial Neighbourhood

Johansen Deli adds Flavour To Downtown’s Industrial Neighbourhood

Published March 31, 2016

Jóhanna Pétursdóttir
Photo by
Hrefna Björg

Inspired by the idea of take-away restaurants found on the street corners in Denmark, three generations of the Johansen family have established the Johansen Deli, a restaurant that has something for each and every gourmet.

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In the middle of the industrial neighbourhood, Borgartún, surrounded by high-rises and hotels, this friendly joint serves food and goods to locals–and tourists smart enough to stop by.

We spoke to Ámundi, the youngest owner of Johansen Deli, who previously worked close-by Þórunnartún 2.

“When we saw this venue, we jumped at the chance to open a new place and spice up this area,” Ámundi said laughing. “We liked it so much, we put our name on it.”



The Deli sells all kinds of products from ready-made courses to homemade ice cream; everything you may need for a delicious dinner or brunch. “We try our best to buy fresh products when it comes to ham, cheese and other delicatessen without having too much go to waste,” said Ámundi.

You can try before you buy, which gives the retailers a chance to show off a product you might not have bought without trying.

We got to taste their homemade coconut ice cream and loved it.



Additional reporting by Hrefna Björg Gylfadóttir.

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