Ongoing Now: ‘Botany’ by Þórgunnur Oddsdóttir — The Reykjavik Grapevine

Ongoing Now: ‘Botany’ by Þórgunnur Oddsdóttir

Ongoing Now: ‘Botany’ by Þórgunnur Oddsdóttir

Published September 7, 2015

The collective works of Þórgunnur Oddsdóttir cover such a wide range of media that it’s impossible to categorise what she does, or to predict what she’ll come up with next. Þórgunnur has worked with collage, poetry, prose, performance, photography, sculpture, installations, printmaking, found objects, video, and more. It’s easier to say she works with everything, that she is an artist in every imaginable sense. Her newest project is entitled ‘Botany’, and incorporates organic elements—twigs, leaves, branches, flowers—rearranged and organised in inorganic ways.

‘Botany’ runs at Café Flóra until September 24. Check out our listing here for more info.

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