From Iceland — Now Ongoing: ‘In Passing’ By Dagur Gunnarsson

Now Ongoing: ‘In Passing’ By Dagur Gunnarsson

Now Ongoing: ‘In Passing’ By Dagur Gunnarsson

Published July 7, 2015

Katie Steen
Photo by
Dagur Gunnarsson

Making eye contact on the street is weird. Do you smile and nod? Look away quickly? Zone out with your headphones and stare blankly ahead? Keep your head down and count cracks in the sidewalk Photographer Dagur Gunnarsson prefers to keep his eyes wide open when wandering the sidewalks of Reykjavík.

This photography exhibit features the faces and characters that Dagur passes on the street, and aims to examine how people can communicate an emotion and perhaps a story with just a glance. The subjects in these photos are those that Dagur has met for one reason or another, from friends and colleagues to Reykjavík celebrities. All of them have left Dagur charmed in some way, and while the artist may know the people in each photograph, viewers are left to imagine the mood and story of each person based solely on a portrait.

‘In Passing’ is open now at the Reykjavik Museum of Photography, and runs until 13 September, read the full listing here. Admission is free.

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