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Now Ongoing: ‘Al Dente’ By Tuomas A. Laitinen

Now Ongoing: ‘Al Dente’ By Tuomas A. Laitinen

Published July 6, 2015

Put “what goes around comes around” in Google Translate from English to Arabic and you get “نادت.” Translate that back into English and you’ll end up with “condemned.” So while Larry Page’s baby might be great at helping you with your Danish homework, it is still far from infallible. Tuomas A. Laitinen saw a plethora of these absurd Engrish translations firsthand while living in China. Inspired by them, he created the exhibit ‘Al Dente’ which is running until December 15 at Gallerí Skilti. Combining light, sound, and video, the multi-media exhibition explores the modern technological and lingual displacement created by globalisation. It’s bound to be an enlightening display.

Read the entire listing here.  Runs at Gallerí Skilti until December 15, all day. Free admission!


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