From Iceland — The Worst Place To Rent In Reykjavík This Month: The Prison Experience

The Worst Place To Rent In Reykjavík This Month: The Prison Experience

Type: Room in a shared apartment
Size: Just under 10sq m
Cost per month: 50,000 ISK
Available at: Leiga/Facebook

Finally, a cheap rental option in the city! At only 50,000 ISK (355 euros) per month, this room seems like a steal. Is this the first indication of a healthier and more affordable rental market in Iceland? Wait, no shower. Ah, we see.

Now, this superb apartment is located in Breiðholt (think: the Brooklyn of Reykjavík but like way, way less cool), and not only that, it’s close to Mjóddin shopping centre—a true cultural highlight.

For some unknown reason, they don’t mention that the cinema is also close by. Perhaps because if you’re going for this apartment, you’re not likely to be throwing money away on movie tickets.

The room is just under 10 square metres in size. Which is twice the size of a prison cell if you’re in isolation. See, already winning! And just like in prison, you have to share the toilet with others. Luckily though, you don’t have to share the shower with anyone—because there is none.

To keep yourself clean you will either have to buy a gym card—which we’re totally sure you can afford, at 99,000 ISK per year—or an annual pool pass, a bargain at just 40,000 ISK. There’s also the option to just not shower at all. We don’t recommend it, we’re just stating it’s a possibility and we totally understand if you want to give up completely. In fact, why not stage a silent protest where you just stink your landlord out. It’s a whole new level of activism.

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