From Iceland — Grapevine New Music Picks: GREYSKIES, Guðmundur Pétursson, and gugusar

Grapevine New Music Picks: GREYSKIES, Guðmundur Pétursson, and gugusar

Published May 20, 2022

Grapevine New Music Picks: GREYSKIES, Guðmundur Pétursson, and gugusar
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Art Bicnick

Eurovision is over, there’s construction everywhere, and we’re still waiting for hotter temperatures to come our way. So many things to complain about! Why not make yourself feel better with some newly released music? We promise it’ll cheer you right up!

All these tracks—and so many more brought to you by The Grapevine over the past twelve months—are available in our New Music Picks 2021-22 playlist.

GREYSKIES – “I Wish You All The Best”

You’re going through a difficult break-up, you worked through denial, anger, sadness, and all the other members of that gut wrenching gang. Now that you can think about it with more clarity, we’ve got the song for you. “I Wish You All The Best” by GREYSKIES tells your ex that you are cooler than cool, you’re ice cold. There are no hard feelings, because now you know that they will be the ones crying over spilled milk. If you can’t relate, it’s still a total tune which you should definitely check out. AP

Guðmundur Pétursson – “I Got You”

Guðmundur Pétursson started the year with a bomb cover of GusGus’s “Stay The Ride”, so when we heard about his new single we couldn’t wait to hit that play button. The bluesy rock vibes combined with the rawness of his voice makes you feel like you’re in a Tarantino movie, waiting to be saved by Guðmundur himself (on his horse, of course) while he confidently sings, “I got you”. Off into the sunset you go! KW

Gugusar – “Annar séns”

Gugusar, aka Guðlaug Sóley Höskuldsdóttir, is undoubtedly one of the most interesting upcoming artists from Iceland. She rose to fame just a few years ago, at the age of 15. Now an 18-year old, gugusar has just released a new single—“Annar séns”, or ‘Another Chance’—a mix of lo-fi tunes, electronic beats, indie and pop. Have a listen, and you might well be confused: is it gugusar or maybe Billie Eilish? IZ

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