From Iceland — Fancies: Diana Breckmann

Fancies: Diana Breckmann

Fancies: Diana Breckmann

Published March 16, 2021

Fancies is a Grapevine series where we highlight an individual with supreme style. Our latest subject is Diana Breckmann, a stylist who also works at Spúútnik.

today’s look

Diana Breckmann

Diana Breckmann. Photo by Art Bicnick.

Diana Breckmann is wearing:

  • Dress from Aftur. I got it as a present from my friends because they know how much I love dragons and Asian-aesthetic clothing.
  • Dragon shoes from LĒO Official. I just got them a couple of weeks ago. It’s my first time wearing them.
  • Second hand earrings
  • Choker from Junya Watanabe

style q&a

Describe your style in 5 words (or more!): This is hard! First off, punk. I’m very into hardcore punk fashion, so I choose pieces that remind me of that time. For example, the choker. Next, Asian-street-style-inspired. I have always been into Harajuku street style, but now also Korean and Chinese street style so that’s something I’ve been researching. It’s kind of like playing with my heritage—exploring where I’m from. Then, I’d say colours. I always play with colour but I wouldn’t say my style is colourful. No, I love a colour-pop. There always has to be one detail that pops. The fourth would be disconnected. I like to do disconnected looks where the shoes and the top match but the trousers are completely different. That’s something I work with a lot in my styling. Fifth would be a hint of goth. I play with the gothic style a lot, but I wouldn’t call myself a goth. I just like to take the emo/gothic vibe and make it more fashionable—more my style. I should also add that I really like to mix vintage garments with new things. It’s good for the environment and you can find unique pieces.

Favourite stores in Reykjavík: One of my favourites is Spúútnik. I have been working there since I was 16. I also adore Aftur. She uses vintage clothes to make completely new designs so it’s very sustainable—that’s why it’s called Aftur (‘Again’). I have a lot of garments from there.

Diana Breckmann

Diana Breckmann. Photo by Art Bicnick

Favourite piece: I just got this black medium bag from Telfar. They are a Black-owned business and I’ve been dreaming of this bag for forever. I also have these Tabi boots that I love. They are blue and green and kind of look like the Northern Lights but also underground punk? I really have a lot of pieces though so it’s hard to choose a favourite!

Something I would never wear: Those oversized gothic pants. They are really cool for some people but for my aesthetic and style, I think it’s something I would never consider wearing. I think they would never fit me properly. I really love gothic fashion but these are not my kind of pants.

Diana Breckmann. Photo by Art Bicnick

Lusting after: Not really anything right now. Maybe another Telfar bag in another colour. Maybe pink? But at the moment, I’m not sure what I want next. I always plan what I want to buy and then I save up for it. At the moment though, there’s nothing.

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