From Iceland — Fancies: Logi Þorvaldsson

Fancies: Logi Þorvaldsson

Published January 21, 2021

Fancies: Logi Þorvaldsson
Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Fancies is a Grapevine series where we highlight an individual with supreme style. Our latest subject is Logi Þorvaldsson, a film producer.

today’s look

Logi Þorvaldsson

Logi Þorvaldsson. Photo by Art Bicnick.

Logi Þorvaldsson is wearing:

  • Everything is thrifted! Nothing new.
  • Vest from Spúútnik
  • Shirt is my Dad’s Christmas shirt
  • Scarf is vintage Chanel
  • Pants are from Samhjálp
  • Shoes are Red Cross
  • Jewellery from Viðja Jewellery

style q&a

Describe your style in 5 words (or more!): 70s dude. Leather rockstar. Forever-evolving.

Favourite stores in Reykjavík: All the thrift shops. Hertex, Rauði krossinn, Spúútnik and Wasteland, but my all-time favourite is Samhjálp. That’s a hidden gem.

Photo by Art Bicnick

Favourite piece: This Viðja jewellery gold dragon necklace—it’s my favourite piece ever. It’s custom-made so there’s only one in the world and it’s by an Icelandic designer. I also recently bought these leather Versace pants in London, where I live, but when I came to Iceland this year, I thought I was only going to be here for a month so I left them behind. But now I’ve been there for six months and I’ve thought about them every day.

Something I would never wear: H&M. Fast fashion is horrible.

Lusting after: I’m craving something Dior. The dream would be a proper full-on Dior suit, but I’ve also been eyeing some sporty vintage 90s Dior sunglasses. I’ve been scouring only vintage sites.

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