From Iceland — Get That Guitar (And Collagen-Infused Smoothie): Oscar Leone's Perfect Day

Get That Guitar (And Collagen-Infused Smoothie): Oscar Leone’s Perfect Day

Published January 16, 2021

Get That Guitar (And Collagen-Infused Smoothie): Oscar Leone’s Perfect Day
Valur Grettisson
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Oscar Leone’s folk-inspired indie rock has that good ole’ guitar strumming and smooth harmonies that just make you want to go on a road trip. He just released the new song “Aloha,” which you can find on all streaming services. Here’s Oscar’s perfect day in the city.


I would wake up around nine and drag myself to the mountain Helgafell to watch the sunrise. I don’t do this often enough but every time I do, it puts me one step closer to a great day—just realizing that there are bigger things at play here than the local media or gossip.

After that, I would go home and meditate for twenty minutes. Then, I’d write out three pages in my journal without thinking too much about it. I live in a cabin in the woods so there are birds here, mainly blackbirds that need their bread in the morning so I would give them very delicious sourdough bread from Brauð og co. After that, it would be time for a blueberry collagen-infused smoothie.

Oscar Leone. Photo by Art Bicnick


I love it when my friends that I grew up with and I have a lunch date. I would go with them and have tea and possibly a snickers raw cake at Gló and just talk and laugh. I try to incorporate “people time” in my weekly schedule since living alone in the woods can make you weird real quick.


After that, I would go to Systrasamlagið and have a cup of cacao and attend to my emails, writing, music, acting, whatever, all while meeting all kinds of good people (they tend to hang out there). I would then lay out three Tarot cards and see how fortune favours me that day.

The best days are those that I go to see my friend and producer Arnar Guðjónsson in his studio at Grandi and record something beautiful. Going to Vesturbæjarlaug afterwards would be ideal and doing my pool routine which consists of chilling out in the warm tub and then doing twenty laps of swimming followed by enjoying the steam bath for a little and ending it with an ice bath afterwards.


I quite enjoy coming home and putting on my headphones to listen to a nice podcast and cook dinner and take my time. I end up barbequing most of the time. Yeah, that’s my fondest time of the day—where I wind down from the day and settle into the soft evening routine.

Late evening

I would love to chill with friends and have nourishing conversations and play some music together. Let that inner child out a little bit and connect heart to heart.

Oscar Leone. Photo by Art Bicnick

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