From Iceland — Are You Ready For The "Laufabrauðstaco"?

Are You Ready For The “Laufabrauðstaco”?

Published December 7, 2020

Are You Ready For The “Laufabrauðstaco”?
Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Andri P. Guðmundsson

An Icelander from the northern village of Hvammstangi shared a culinary creation on Facebook today that is, if nothing else, certainly memorable: the laufabrauðstaco.

Hugmynd að jólamatnum: Laufabrauðstaco með hangikjötshakki, heitu rauðkáli, grænbaunasalsa og uppstúf, smá mandarína kreist yfir.

Posted by Andri P. Guðmundsson on Sunday, December 6, 2020

“An idea for Christmas dinner,” Andri P. Guðmundsson writes with this photo. “A laufabrauðstaco with diced smoked lamb, hot red cabbage, green peas salsa and white sauce, with a little bit of tangerine crushed over top of it.”

The idea has been very well received by Icelanders responding to the post, with one going so far as to offer to invest if Andri really wants to take the idea off the ground. The one reservation raised at the time of this writing was the inclusion of squeezing a tangerine wedge of the tacos, which Andri explained as being the Christmas parallel to squeezing a lime wedge over a taco.

For the unfamiliar, laufabrauð is a kind of deep fried Icelandic flatbread, most commonly served around Christmas time. In fact, all of the ingredients in this recipe are associated with Icelandic Christmas cooking.

Presumably, this meal would probably be best eaten with plenty of napkins, given the many decorative holes made in laufabrauð.

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