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Fancies: Helgi Snær Jónasson Kjeld

Fancies: Helgi Snær Jónasson Kjeld

Published July 17, 2019

Fancies is a Grapevine series where we highlight an individual with supreme style. Our latest subject is Helgi Snær Jónasson Kjeld (24), who is a DJ, better known as Sonur Sæll.

today’s look

Helgi Snær Jónasson Kjeld

Helgi is wearing:

  • Dungarees from Wasteland
  • My fifth pair of Air Jordan 1s
  • De La Soul Hoodie
  • Casio calculator watch
  • Sputnik 1985 bag
  • Fernet Branca hat

style q&a

Describe your style in 5 words: Whatever feels right.

Favourite stores in Reykjavík: Wasteland right now. It’s coming in hot. They have good prices and good variety. I also sometimes drop into Húrra to get some sneakers.

Favourite piece: Good question. Probably all of the 90s hip hop merch that I’ve bought online, or my Moosehead bomber jacket.

Something I would never wear: I would never skip socks.

Lusting after: These dungarees just appeared at Wasteland after I had been looking for two years for the perfect pair, so there’s nothing I want now.

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