From Iceland — Perfect Day: DJ Dóra Júlía

Perfect Day: DJ Dóra Júlía

Published June 21, 2019

Perfect Day: DJ Dóra Júlía
Josie Gaitens
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Dóra Júlía

DJ and Instagram qween Dóra Júlía tells us about her ideal day of family, friends and partying in Reykjavík.

First thing in the morning
I sleep in ‘til 10:00. I wake up in my cosy crib, put on some Ariana Grande, make tea and water my plants, singing along to Grande’s song ‘Successful’ and dancing around my apartment while getting dressed. I feel calm and grounded. The sun is shining and the birds are singing outside my living room window.

DJ Dora Julia

I go to my yoga class in World Class Laugar, where I meet my yoga soulsista Vaka Vigfúsdóttir. Afterwards we go to the pool, soak in the sun and casually talk about life and crazy future plans for taking on the world. At around 14:30, I go downtown to meet my bestie, Oddur Atlason. We walk down Skólavörðustígur and I pop in to Hildur Yeoman’s store, where I find an amazing customised outfit to wear. It’s a matching pink jacket and pants with her gorgeous signature prints. We head down to Sæta Svínið for a yummy late lunch sitting in the sun.

I meet my mom and little sister at Eymundson on Austurstræti. We read Vogue, sip green tea, laugh a lot, and my sister and I teach my mom how to use Instagram. At 18:00, I meet one of my best friends, Fransiska, who also happens to be a masseuse. I get the best massage and some quality time with my bestie. She joins me for a BBQ at my dad’s house, where the whole family sits in the garden in the evening sun.

Around 21:00 we make our way to Petersen Svítan and I meet all of my favourite people—my friends that live abroad are there, too. My signature drink there is pink tonic. Yum. After drinks, we head to Sushi Social for a late dinner—salmon sashimi and lobster tempura. My best friend, Þórdís, loves it and she’s travelled all the way from Barcelona for dinner. It doesn’t get more divine.

Dóra Júlía

In the heat of the night
At 23:30, I have a dope gig at the Reykjavík Art Museum, where I play as much Britney as I like and everybody’s loving it. The gig’s done around 2:00 and I and my soulmate Logi (who lives in London but is of course there since it’s the perfect day) make our way to Prikið, where we dance on tables until morning. Then I head home, it’s time for bed!

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