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Fancies: Stella Björt Gunnarsdóttir & Alexander Fannar Kristjánsson

Fancies: Stella Björt Gunnarsdóttir & Alexander Fannar Kristjánsson

Published May 31, 2018

Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Stella Björt Gunnarsdóttir (27) is the manager of Spúútnik’s Kringlan location and is also a freelance stylist. Alexander Fannar Kristjánsson (24) is the rapper Black Pox.

Stella is wearing:
– Dress from Spúútnik
– Boots from Spúútnik
– Second-hand jacket bought in London
– Won Hundred belt
– Gucci necklace
– Fendi bag

Alex is wearing:
– Misbhv sweatshirt
– Nike Tech shirt
– Nike Air Vapourmax Shoes
– Louis Vuitton keychain
– Black Jeans

Describe Your Style In 5 Words:
Stella: Diverse, colourful, crazy, ghettogoth, businessbitch.
Alex: Easy, lowkey, neutral, clean but expensive—not by choice tho.

Favourite Stores In Reykjavík:
Stella: Spúútnik and Yeoman. I also love Kolaportið and all goodwill stores.
Alex: I shop overseas and on depop, occasionally Spúútnik and Húrra Reykjavík.

Favourite Piece:
Stella: My Gucci necklace that Alex gave me when I gave birth to our son. Also my white faux fur from Spúútnik and my Yeoman dresses!
Alex: My Moncler puffer and my Vapormax shoes.

Least Favourite Trend:
Stella: Gym clothes out of the gym.
Alex: No opinion whatsoever, do what you like.

Lusting After
Stella: A transparent tote bag from Saks Potts which is sold out!
Alex: Nike ACG Gore-Tex Alpine Jacket in black.

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