From Iceland — Dans Í Dimmu: Where The Shy Can Let Loose In Total Darkness

Dans Í Dimmu: Where The Shy Can Let Loose In Total Darkness

Published December 12, 2017

Dans Í Dimmu: Where The Shy Can Let Loose In Total Darkness
Grayson Del Faro
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Rachel Salmon

Dans í dimmu (dance in the dark) is a dance event where music is played in a pitch black room for one hour so that everyone present can dance unhindered. It’s perfect for people who “don’t like to dance,” feel to shy, or are usually unable to dance without the assistance of booze.

It’s also an edifying experience for those who feel fearless because they can’t imagine how differently a body reacts to music until you’ve tried it in pure darkness. It’s inexplicably liberating. The music is an eclectic mix of genres, according to whoever made the playlist that week, most often by regular attendees. It welcomes new dancers and regular attendees, so you if you attend and enjoy it, you may even propose your own mix!

Return of darkness

Admittedly, Dans í dimmu is not really new in town, but it has returned after a hiatus that left its fate unknown. Originally called No Lights No Lycra and held in the Gym and Tonic space at KEX when it started in 2014, it quickly Icelandicized its name and moved into Dansverksæðið for the majority of its run.

When the building that housed Dansverkstæðið was slated for destruction this summer, the weekly dance sessions of Dans í dimmu came to a halt. After a few months of uncertainty, it has been revived every other Thursday night at 7:30 at Listdansskóli. This week’s event will be the 100th since its inception, so it’s sure to be a special one.

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