From Iceland — House Of Strike: The Flying Pink Penis Of Drag

House Of Strike: The Flying Pink Penis Of Drag

Published December 12, 2017

House Of Strike: The Flying Pink Penis Of Drag
Grayson Del Faro
Photo by
Kaspars Bekeris

If you didn’t know, Reykjavík is in the middle of some kind of drag renaissance.

In fact, it has grown so large that a splinter group has just emerged from the shadow of Drag-Súgur to carve out its own series of regular events. Birthed from the womb of big-haired drama diva Pixie Strike, House of Strike comes sporting a cute pink logo of a flying penis and the attitude to match. Not to mention that the average wig cost and quality amongst these queens has skyrocketed like the dick on their crest!

The Best Of The Best

Featuring a selection of Reykjavík’s best and best-known drag stars alongside a few relative newbies, their first event kicked off in the beginning of December to shock, awe, and raucous laughter. Giving each queen two separate performances in addition to the group numbers, it gives the audience a better feel for the personality and range of each performer.

The highlight of the last performance was when James the Creature turned around to reveal she had just done her entire performance with a self-bejeweled butt plug inserted (like vagazzled, but a butt plug, so…butt-jazzled?). This butt plug was later auctioned off for 15.000 ISK to benefit HIV Iceland. Who knows which body parts will be revealed or vulgar ways they’ve cooked up to solicit charitable donations this week, but you can take your chances this Friday, 15 December at 21:00.

Join the Facebook event here.

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