From Iceland — Blessed Is He Who Buys Black Sundays' 2018 Film Calendar

Blessed Is He Who Buys Black Sundays’ 2018 Film Calendar

Published November 20, 2017

Blessed Is He Who Buys Black Sundays’ 2018 Film Calendar

Film event Black Sundays has clocked up over 100 screenings of cult and classic films at Bíó Paradís. Since its launch in 2012, they’ve commissioned local artists to make original movie posters for their screenings and now the best of the best will be released in a crowdfunded 2018 calendar. Cartoonist and comedian Hugleikur Dagsson is the founder of Black Sundays and the brains behind the creative calendar.


The idea for Black Sundays was born when Hugleikur went to see True Romance at an old movie theatre. “I remember feeling sad that this kind of a night out wasn’t an option in our culturally starved island,” he says. “It turned out I wasn’t the only one who wanted something like this.”

After being contacted by film producer and musician Sigurjón Kjartansson who had been discussing the idea with celebrated poet and writer Sjón, they came together and got in touch with Bíó Paradís, which backed the project. The three now meet up yearly to decide on a screening schedule and Hugleikur takes care of the posters. “Basically I ask all the talented people I can think of to donate their work to the cause,” explains Hugleikur. “I’m extremely proud of what we’ve built so far.”


Everyone has a favourite cult film, but depending on what calibre of human being you are, it could be anything from ‘Water Boy’ to ‘Reservoir Dogs’. As a connoisseur of cult, Hugleikur says his top 3 are ‘Brazil’, ‘Akira’ and ‘Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior’, so if you’re in need of a cultural awakening, take note.

“I guess I like dystopias. ‘Brazil’ has been a favourite of mine for the longest and its message still holds up, even if the future it shows you looks more like the past,” Hugleikur says. “It’s more of a Kafkaesque fable than a standard sci-fi movie.” In a true display of his love for Terry Gilliam’s 1985 classic, Hugleikur did the poster for that one himself. “That’s the perk of being the poster boy.”

 The Calendar

With around 100 custom made posters already created for the project, Hugleikur’s long term goal is to publish a coffee table art book. For the time being, though, a calendar is a more practical solution, which allows every Reykjavík film fanatic to enjoy the most memorable pieces to date, just in time for the most wonderful–or if you’re a cynic scrooge douchebag, most dreaded–time of the year.

Hugleikur says that picking just 12 out of the 100 posters for the calendar was incredibly difficult, but that Þrándur Þórarinsson’s Salo and Auður Ómarsdóttir’s Pulp Fiction were the ones that really popped out. Don’t worry Coen Brothers fans, because you’re also in luck; Alexandra Baldursdóttir’s Fargo piece is sure to make you drool, even if your mum’s dry turkey dinner doesn’t.

“Bíó Paradís is one of the most important cultural institutions in Reykjavík”

To buy this naughty little minx, you’ll need to go to Karolina Fund and give Bíó Paradís a bit of your lovely money; 3000 ISK or €25 of it to be exact. “Not only will you get an awesome and unique calendar, but you will also be supporting Bíó Paradís, which I truly think is one of the most important cultural institutions in Reykjavík,” says Hugleikur. “Netflix is great and all, but it’s nothing compared to watching a forgotten splatter movie and drinking red wine in a movie theatre.”

Bear in mind that the calendars are not being shipped and they must be picked up at the Bíó Paradís ticket office on Hverfisgata 54 in Reykjavík from December 8-22, which is open every day from 17:00. Black Sundays next screening will be Lady Vengeance on 26 November.

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