From Iceland — VIDEO: Pascal Pinon Perform 'Jósa & Lotta'

VIDEO: Pascal Pinon Perform ‘Jósa & Lotta’

VIDEO: Pascal Pinon Perform ‘Jósa & Lotta’

Published May 2, 2016

Looking back at the dark and short days of Iceland’s winter one can’t help but feel thankful for the warmer days approaching.

Austrian video journalists Sarah Brugner and Michael Luger of THEY SHOOT MUSIC met up with Pascal Pinon and spoke to them about their connection to the Icelandic winter, growing-up and making music.

Ásthildur & Jófríður of Pascal Pinon have been creating music together since 2009, or since they were fourteen. They grew up together surrounded by music, working and touring side by side. Recently however, they have had to spend time apart travelling and pursuing their own careers. This has persumably made the process of their new album difficult, as Jófríður stated in this interview: “For the first time in our lives we went from living in the same house, for the most part in the same bedroom, to spending a lot of time apart, moving to different countries and travelling. In a way it’s a good thing, but it made the process more difficult – emotionally and practically.”

Pascal Pinon’s third album ‘Sundur’ (in English: apart) will be released soon. Here they perform ‘Jósa & Lotta’, a song about their close relationship.

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