From Iceland — Best Cats Of Reykjavík

Best Cats Of Reykjavík

Published July 22, 2014

Best Cats Of Reykjavík
Rebecca Scott Lord
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Rebecca Scott Lord
Susanna Lam

For anyone who has spent even a week in Reykjavík, it’s clear that cats are ubiquitous within the city. Some estimate that there around 12,000 of them here. That’s one cat for every ten people here. The multitude of cats are not scrappy strays though, like in Rome. They’re treasured members of the community, and some cat fanciers here are also purveyors of purebreds such as the Norwegian Forest Cat and the Himalayan (notably both very fluffy breeds). A permit is required to own a dog here, and if there is a permit required for cats, we’ve never heard of it. All this just goes to show that cats are the best, so in the spirit of the Best Of issue, we bring you the best of the best.


Best Mouser
Guðrún (Stýrimannastígur)

When we came by for a chat, this tabby was just taking a break from a workout session involving at least three fake mice. She says that her routine is complicated and vigorous, taking a cue from the popular CrossFit gym trend, but that she designed it herself. She offers classes at the nearby playground at night, when the children have vacated the premises.


Best Misanthrope
Arnar (Bárugata)

There are some cats that just don’t like you. And then, there are cats that really don’t like anyone. Arnar appears to be one of those, and he really didn’t want to talk to us about it. The few things he did say were not very nice. We managed to snap a picture before he scuttered back into his bush, though.


Best Cat For A Rainy Day
Ares (Seljavegur)

It just so happened to be raining when we met with Ares. Despite only being a year old, little Ares knew the best way to take care of us. He led us to his little apartment and let us cuddle him inside with a good book and a hot mug of tea (both of which he provided). He’s very sociable, though doesn’t get out of the city much (he claims he’s not too fond of automobiles).


Best Loiterer
Urður (Brekkustígur)

Cats are one of the cleverest creatures and the most likely at any given time to be chilling out. Urður uses both these traits to find the perfect place to hang out. We found her on top of a tyre, where she explained she was sheltered from the wind and rain, likely to pick up at any moment, and could see everyone who passed by.


Best Glamourpuss
Arnþór (Bergstaðastræti)

Arnþór takes after the other well-groomed men of Reykjavík. He might not have a luscious beard and topknot, but he keeps his long fur shiny and tangle free. We asked what his secret is, and he said he uses “Bumble’s Surf Spray” for casual days, and Moroccan oil nightly. “The most important thing for a glamorous look,” he divulged, “is plenty of rest.” Arnór then turned the other way and informed us in no uncertain terms that we were disturbing his beauty nap.

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