From Iceland — Iceland Airwaves Insider: Sigtryggur Baldursson

Iceland Airwaves Insider: Sigtryggur Baldursson

Published October 8, 2013

Iceland Airwaves Insider: Sigtryggur Baldursson

Sigtryggur Baldursson is a legendary drummer in the Reykjavík music scene. An original member of The Sugarcubes, he is now the Icelandic Music Export ambassador, representing the interests of Icelandic music to overseas industry and media, and working to support artists directly. IMX also shares an office with Iceland Airwaves, and Siggi will perform at the festival.

Hello there, Airwaves insider Sigtryggur. Airwaves is coming… is the festival a busy time for IMX? What do you get up to?
We are inviting people from the music business to come here and see Icelandic music in all its homegrown glory. We are also trying to get interesting conversations going at the You Are In Control conference, which is just before Iceland Airwaves, and is about online initiatives in the creative industries..

In your work, you must see a great cross-section of homegrown bands… can you tip us on new Icelandic artists that people should look out for?
I am in a weird position with this one, I play with two acts that will be performing at airwaves and am going to be completely shameless and promote them both, Kippi Kaninus and Samuel’s Big Band. But of course, there are many great acts that have not been in the spotlight recently, and those are just two amongst them.

And is there an in-form veteran Icelandic band you think nobody should miss?
Of the stuff that’s older than 10 years old, I would say Múm and Ghostigital. They are always cutting edge…

You must played Airwaves many times – is there a particular highlight that sticks out in your mind in terms of performing?
I remember particularly playing the first Airwaves with a project I was doing at the time with Hilmar Orn Hilmarsson and Einar Orn Benediktsson called Grindverk, in Hangar 4 at the Reykjavik Airport, with Gus Gus and these young guys who nobody knew, Sigur Ros… 🙂

Any international bands on 2013 the lineup set your pulse racing?
Mariam The Believer and Anna von Hauswollf, these Swedish ladies are the bomb.

What’s your favourite festival venue, and why? 
Gamla Bio, because it is an old theatre with oodles of atmosphere.

Let’s give the imminent Reykjavík arrivals some tips on…
  – A good daytime activity?
Swimming pools around town.
    – A good place for dinner?
    – A good party bar to hit after the show? 
Lots and lots and lots…

Could you share some survival advice for any Airwaves first-timers?
Don’t try to see all the bands on the first night, make a list. and check the whereabouts of the venues…

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