From Iceland — The Perfect Eurovision Party

The Perfect Eurovision Party

Published May 16, 2013

The Perfect Eurovision Party
Rex Beckett

Whether you are letting el vino flow for pure fun or pounding ‘em back to get you through the roughness, spice up your Eurovision party by making a game out of it. And remember folks, to paraphrase our lovely contender Eyþór Ingi, it’s not about winning; it’s about glitz, glamour and having a good time!
Without further ado, we give you… THE GAME!
Twelve-Point Blackout
1. Bottle(s) of alcohol suitable for doing shots (preferably something local)
2. Drink suitable for chugging (beer, cocktail, white wine spritzers)
The Rules:
ϑ When the contest begins, take a shot
ϑ Whenever there is a dance sequence with more than 3 people, take a shot
ϑ Whenever someone tears away their costume, take a shot
ϑ Whenever a ballad-singer sings an over-sustained note, chug until it’s over
ϑ Whenever pyrotechnics, confetti or fountains go off, chug until they stop
ϑ When Iceland gets either twelve points or zero points in the results, take a shot
ϑ Whenever you see the Icelandic flag, finish your drink
ϑ When (WHEN!) Iceland wins, pour all the remaining alcohol all over your head!

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