From Iceland — The Grapevine’s Sónar Survival Guide

The Grapevine’s Sónar Survival Guide

Published February 15, 2013

The Grapevine’s Sónar Survival Guide
Rex Beckett

Greetings festivalgoer! Since this is the first ever edition of Sónar Reykjavík, we are all in a sense first timers, but some of you may be new to Iceland and our nightlife. Perhaps you have heard of it (it’s quite notorious). One shouldn’t believe everything one hears, but a lot of it is true. With that in mind, here are a few practical suggestions to help you through our lovely city over what’s sure to be a very wild weekend.
There is no shortage of marvellous places to get a good strong jolt of caffeine here. The top dog is Kaffismiðjan (Kárastígur 1), which roasts its own beans and keeps the service quick and cosy. A few blocks down from there you’ll find Litli Bondabærinn (Laugavegur 41), which has killer beverages, savoury pastries and organic sandwiches. For coffee closer to Harpa, head to Café Haiti (Geirsgata 7c), which not only offers some of the finest beans but is also a great spot to hang out.
At a music festival, eating often comes down to terrible junk food or overpriced fare. Luckily there are some pretty tasty quick eats here, like the food at Prikið (Bankastræti 12), which offers a great selection of burgers, light lunch meals and all-day breakfast at nice prices. For some casual-fancy and truly excellent dining, try the relatively new Snaps Bistro (Þórsgata 1). If you want to stay close to the festival base, you could do a lot worse than Munnharpan (Harpa) with its extensive lunch and dinner menus, and a great view to boot.
Whether you’re getting ready to go out or winding down your night, nothing beats finding a nice bar to relax and sip some drinks. The off-venues for Sónar are great spots – Harlem, Volta, Café Reykjavík and Kaffibarinn – but if they prove too packed, check out Dolly (Hafnarstræti 4), Faktorý (Smiðjustígur 6) or Litla Gula Hænan (Laugavegur 22). If you wake up in pain the following day, chug down a couple of litres of our clean cold tap water, grab a burger and hit the hot tubs at Sundhöllin (Barónstígur). Most importantly, be cool and have a great time! Happy Sónar!

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