From Iceland — Best Of Reykjavík 2018: Best Pizza

Best Of Reykjavík 2018: Best Pizza

Published May 3, 2018

Best Of Reykjavík 2018: Best Pizza

There has never been a more exciting time for the restaurant scene in Reykjavik. Thanks to burgeoning tourism, exposure, and a genuine curiosity for foods from far and wide, diners now have a plethora of choices on offer. Whether it’s high-end fine dining (we even boast a Michelin starred gem!), or a cheap late night bite, Reykjavik is coming into its own as a culinary destination, offering small plates, tasting menus, farm to table seasonal produce and classic Iceland cuisine, and all while accommodating vegans and vegetarians. The following restaurants are the very best, according to our panel of enthusiastic gourmands. Feel free to let us know what you think of our choices as you eat your way around the city. We’re listening. And we’re hungry.

Best Pizza

Grandagarður 11

Few things get a Reykvíkingar’s heart racing like pizza, but for a pizza-loving nation, we’ve long had an unspeakable affair with sloppy Domino’s. Not anymore! True Napoli pizzas are now a reality in Reykjavík, with a pizzaiola from Naples, a custom electric oven that cooks pies in seconds, high-quality ingredients atop every signature thin slice, and leopard spot blistering. We’ve already devoured our body weight in the Padrino and cheesy Tartufo. The classic Margherita is also unmissable, and divine in its simplicity.


Efstaland 26

Roadhouse’s grilled celeriac ‘patty’ is one of the best interpretations of a vegan/veggie burger. Without resorting to Oumph, or the mystery mushy patty trickery, it’s a clever, smoky, delicious beast with all the trimmings. It’s available in both vegan and vegetarian versions.


Hafnarstræti 15

Hornið is an old school pizza joint where you can break bread with your grandma and toddler, or show up nursing a hangover, heartache, or both. With thin crust pizzas and a no-frills Italian-American flair in the decor as well as the toppings, this is a local treasure. We swear by their quattro stagioni.

Previous Winners

2017: Hornið
2014-6: Hverfisgata 12
2013: Gamla Smiðjan

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