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Best Of Reykjavík: Drinking & Nightlife

The crème de la crème. The cherry on top. It’s the best of drinking and nightlife. Carefully imbibe every word you read on these pages as the gospel itself. Bask in its glory. Please do not send unsolicited criticism to Whatever you do, we don’t want to hear from you through our email, We beg you. 

Having sat down with a panel of expert beer drinkers, wine connoisseurs and all-around people in the know, we’ve compiled the absolute greats of contemporary Reykjavík watering holes. Do the Grapevine special and try them all in one night, only to wake up with a hangover that’ll last you until next season’s Best Of. “There’s a certain nightlife shift taking place,” mentioned one panellist during our discussion of The Best™. “Post-COVID, things are changing.” And we can’t disagree. After years of uncertainty, things almost, almost, feel back to normal. Whatever that means.