From Iceland — Reykjavík’s Queer-Owned Businesses: Time For Your Wallet To Come Out!

Reykjavík’s Queer-Owned Businesses: Time For Your Wallet To Come Out!

Reykjavík’s Queer-Owned Businesses: Time For Your Wallet To Come Out!

Published August 9, 2021

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How can you best support queers? With your money, obviously. To be honest, there were WAY too many queer-owned spots to choose from in Reykjavík, so here’s a selection of our favourites.

Cafe Babalú

Café Babalú

Skólavörðustígur 22
Many a Grapevine interview has been conducted in the cosy upstairs seating area of Babalú. Warm and cheery, Babalú is a Reykjavík institution, serving up lovely coffee and even lovelier vegan carrot cake. So if you’re looking for a post-parade pep up, get some caffeine and conversation at this Grapevine favourite. They also have a Star Wars themed bathroom. And what was Princess Leia if not a fundamental queer sexual awakening?

Modus Hár

Stórhöfði 33
Hair is to queers what ‘Friends’ is to cisgender straight people. To get it done by people who do it right, head to Modus Hár. Owned by a queer couple, the place has a great vibe and can serve up pretty much anything you want. They are also a big supporter of the local queer scene, which must be applauded. For Northerners, there’s also a location in Akureyri and for those so far out in the countryside, the same owners also own which is basically the best online store for hair care in Iceland.


Barónsstígur 27
Flowers! Queer-owned flowers! Look, if you’ve spent anytime on lesbian TikTok, you know queer ladies love some peonies. So pick some up at this downtown flower boutique and wow your partner with a bouquet along with a handmade vegan dinner and screening of some Sarah Paulson show. Queer ladies love Sarah.


Strandgata 75, Hafnarfjörður
Just because you’re in Hafnarfjörður doesn’t mean you can’t contribute to the Gay Agenda™. Tucked away in the harbourside town, Pallett Coffee Shop serves up flaky pastries, delightful veggie sausage rolls, and some truly spectacular coffee. Bring your English queer friends. They’ll freak out (respectfully and quietly, of course.)


Hverfisgata 35
Along with candles, tarot and astrology, queers also notoriously love to cook. Owned by a French couple, this shop sells high-quality French products as well as other hard-to-find delicacies for the gasto-inclined. Don’t have time in the midst of the festivities to stop by the store? You can also order online at We’d love it if you got some goods for us too and dropped them by the office, btw.

Æsir Cannabidiol

Hverfisgata 39
It’s 2021. Happiness is out of control. Gay-owned CBD oil has taken the country by storm, meaning that no one is riddled with bodily or mental pain after too much dancing at the various Pride drag shows. Civilisation rises. Britney is freed. Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Emotion’ is finally given the respect it deserves. Life is good.

Sæta Húsið

Laugavegur 6
OK, SÆTA HÚSIÐ IS QUEER OWNED. WHAT? The Grapevine office’s Pride Department freaked out after learning said information because we love Sæta Húsið. So if you’ve been drooling over that luscious Thai-rolled ice cream on Instagram, we have good news! This queer-owned spot is ready to serve deliciously fresh rolled ice cream, mixed with all sorts of candy and fruit. Also, they are queer-owned.

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