From Iceland — That's Some Good F”#$% Weather: Your Reykjavík Sunny Day Guide

That’s Some Good F”#$% Weather: Your Reykjavík Sunny Day Guide

Published July 1, 2020

That’s Some Good F”#$% Weather: Your Reykjavík Sunny Day Guide
Photo by
Art Bicnick, Ernir Skorri Pétursson & Adobe Stock

When you’ve lived in Reykjavík long enough, you learn that the moment the sun comes out and the temperature goes up, you gotta take advantage of it. So presenting: the Grapevine Sunshine Squad’s guide those good weather days in Reykjavík. From chill and relaxing activities in the city to action-packed excursions just a stone’s throw away, we’ve got you covered for those rare, blissful sunny Reykjavík days.

Glamping At Camp Boutique
In mid-May, I got a last-minute invitation to spend a night glamping at Camp Boutique’s tent hotel in Stokkseyri. To be blunt, I was a bit hesitant. Hey, we all saw what happened at Fyre Festival. But, I honestly could not have been more impressed. The tents—we stayed in the largest one, not to flex—feature King size beds, glass dining tables, indoor heaters, and, get this, heated mattresses (!!!), so you basically get all the lovely aspects of camping, i.e. fresh air and outdoor sounds, without the discomfort of sleeping bag life. They also have a private black sand beach on the premises where you can stroll, meditate, or take some Instagram pictures. A+, could not recommend enough. I’ll be back. HJC

Hike & Swim In Reykjadalur
Near Hveragerði
Reykjadalur is one of the easiest hikes you’ll find around the capital area but the rewards might be the best. Located near Hveragerði—there are signs, you can’t miss it—take a 45 minute walk on a defined path until you see steam rising in the distance. Voilá. You’re now at one of Iceland’s best geothermal rivers with an ideal temperature for a soak. Located right in the sun, the shallow river invites you to laze and soak up the heat. Nota bene: Wear your swimming clothes under your gear if you’re shy. There is a changing spot, but it’s really just a wood screen. VG

Safari ATV & Buggy Tours
Near Mosfellsbær
Located six kilometres outside of Mosfellsbær, Safari Quads offers outdoor ATV and buggy adventures where you bump and drive over ragged rocks, under geothermal pipelines, around muddy bends and through shallow rivers. Some even bring you to a secret hot spring, so you can take a relaxing dip before revving your engine again. Warning: They make you sign a waiver before they give you the keys saying that you won’t behave like a total jackass, and if you do get hurt, you won’t sue the company, which just means that this is ultra fun. SPO

Just an hour away from Reykjavík stands Glymur, Iceland’s second-highest waterfall. It’s beautiful in any weather, but if you hike up it on a clear day, you’ll be rewarded with some of the most stunning views in the country. On high mossy cliffs that seem straight out of Planet Earth, watch Arctic Terns nesting in front of a waterfall that seems to go on forever. There are two paths to choose from, one on each side of the falls, but if you continue your ascent past the waterfall, you can cross in calm shallow water, so I’d recommend taking one route up to and the one down. It’s about a three hour round trip and features a hazardous river crossing and some steep parts, so probably not the best place to bring your newborn. HJC

Good Weather Reykjavík

Swedish Lawn Game Kubb on grass close up. Photo from Adobe Stock.

Kubb at Klambratún
One of the best things you can do on a sunny day is gather a few of your friends, a couple bottles of wine or a 12-pack of beer, and head to Klambratún park for a game of Kubb. This lawn game, involving tossing wooden dowels at wooden blocks, requires literally no athletic ability at all, it’s very social, and perfect for good weather. Think of it as Scandinavia’s answer to horseshoes. You can find Kubb sets anywhere lawn games are sold. If you can’t find an actual set, look up the rules online and substitute the wooden pieces with cans and plastic bottles. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all. ASF

Photo by Art Bicnick

Picnic/Reading outside at Hljómskálagarðurinn
Located around the southern portion of Tjörnin, the cozy and compact park Hljómskálagarður is perhaps best known for its sculptures and the abundant, colourful flowers lining its paths during the summer. But its open, grassy areas also make perfect spots for sunlit picnics or reading outdoors with a nice thermos of warm coffee or tea (because even with full sunshine well into the evening, you’re bound to get chilly if the wind is blowing). For learning about culture, history, and current events in Iceland thile you lounge, the “little books” of well-known author Alda Sigmundsdóttir are invaluable. NB

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