From Iceland — Best Of Reykjavík Dining 2020: Best Soup

Best Of Reykjavík Dining 2020: Best Soup

Best Of Reykjavík Dining 2020: Best Soup

Published March 12, 2020

The year 2019 wasn’t kind to many restaurateurs. Let’s be honest, it’s a tough business. Nevertheless, Iceland’s culinary scene is seeing the emergence of new players and the old guard stepping up their A-game. Restaurants continue to diversify; we’ve got ourselves an izakaya inspired spot, while tasting menus are being questioned and reinterpreted. The scope of “Icelandic cuisine” is broadening to include not just produce and products but also their sourcing and seasonal integrity on this harsh island by players big and small. Whether it is globally recognised Nordic fine-dining or fragrant Thai curries, traditional Icelandic cuisine or family-friendly sushi, to everything in-between, this guide to the best of everything Reykjavík has to offer has been hand-picked by our exacting panel of passionate gourmands. From budget bites to fanciful fare, we’ve got you covered. Skál!

Best Soup

Ramen Momo
Tryggvagata 16

An elbow room only ramen bar, this local favourite has been going strong for five years now. Their passion for a big old bowl of noodle soup shows in their constant reinvention. The sesame forward creamy Tantanmen is deeply flavoured, the hoisin cooked pork adding a touch of sweetness and providing momentary relief against the heat of the chilli oil. The Icelandic ramen with lobster broth is a local nod that really works. Their range of vegan ramen is unparalleled, although their tonkotsu continues to be the weak link. The Korean teas, both hot and cold, are delightfully original. But Ramen Momo’s biggest strength are their house-made noodles—springy and elastic, the consistency of these organic strands make them a clear winner. 


Hi Noodle
Frakkastígur 9

This adorable little place with a small selection is known for its all day cooked tonkotsu, but stay for the spicy Dan Dan. Crispy chilli oil, minced pork speckled Chinese original, this is a fantastically delicious bowl (hint, you can also ask for the ‘dry’ version’). The vegan options are also quite satisfying. It is a pity however that their broth:noodle ratio is off. We want more of your tasty broth, Hi Noodle!


Noodle Station
Multiple locations

Showing Reykjavík how to soup for sup long before we had soup alone restaurants was Noodle Station. With a choice of three different broths, rest assured whatever you order will arrive piping hot, in a portion too large to finish. If you have trouble finding one, just follow the sweet scent of cinnamon and star anise.

Previous Winners

2018-9: Ramen Momo

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